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10 reasons – you should explore The Andaman & Nicobar Islands

572 islands form a small dotted cluster on the world map that can hardly be spotted unless you focus your attention on the southern tip of India. Home to pristine white sand beaches, mud volcanoes, limestone caves, ancient tribes and tropical rainforests whose inhabitants are still being discovered, the islands are a true treasure trove for the discerning traveller.

Here are 10 reasons why your vacation plan should veer off to Andamans right away

  1. Radhanagar beach

This is invariably the number 1 tourist attraction of the islands. Voted as the 7th best beach in the world, Radhanagar or Beach No. 7 does live up to its reputation. The stunning beach attracts the tourist crowd but you are likely to find a distant spot to enjoy a quite sunrise

  1. Havelock island

If you want to give the crowd a miss, you can travel to other beaches on Havelock. These are just about as beautiful but less crowded. Several of them offer underwater sports that you’ll want to enjoy at leisure

3 Stay in a cottage by the beach

It is exactly as you’ve dreamed of it. You open the door and can hear the sound of the waves and see the beach sunrise and sunset with wind in your hair and sand in your feet. Choose one of the beach cottage stay options to experience what it feels like to live inside a picture postcard

  1. Superb dive sites

Give a skip to the regular dive spots off Havelock and instead you can can get to scuba sites explored by very few people in the world. From exotic marine life to ship wrecks to even an active volcano, the underwater sights you’ll see will leave you mesmerized.

  1. Drive through a tropical rain forests

On your way to Diglipur, you’ll be a part of the convoy that travels through Andaman’s thick tropical rain forest. It is quite an experience to wake up at 3AM to join this convoy that travels non-stop through a canopy of green until reaches its destination.

  1. Try the best seafood

The islands are spotted with restaurants that serve a variety of Indian local delicacies. The best of all are the ones that serve fresh catch of the day made with the right mix of spices. It is a mouth watering dinner after a long day filled with adventure.

  1. Come face to face with dramatic history

During India’s tough freedom struggle, several freedom fighters were enslaved in the infamous Cellular jail on the islands. Built as a fortress and witness to horrific incidents, the jail’s sound and light show is a must watch to know the sacrifices of the time that was instrumental in egging India forward in its freedom movement

8 Limestone caves

The limestone caves in Andaman is an intriguing sight. The natural wonder is lined up with stalactites and stalagmites and are also home to the rare Swiftlet bird that builds edible nests.

  1. Mud volcanoes:

For most people, it is an unimaginable thought to confront a live volcano. Even then the harmless mud volcanoes are quite a sight. Spewing liquid mud, it is best to keep your distance from the little eruptions

10 Trek to the top

It is rare for a small set of islands to offer so much variety. In that sense, the Andaman islands are an absolute delight where you can have a nice little trek to the top of Mount Harriet to get a breathtaking view of the islands.

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