About Us

Blueandaman Travels is a tour planner offering exclusive tour packages to Blueandaman Travels. We facilitate all the necessities of our customers by extending them with the best amenities available at the Island. Knowing the Isles in and out, we make sure that you get to sight the ever beautiful destination to the fullest. We have specialized tour packages for families and honeymooners providing appropriate fascinations on travel. A honeymoon package renders travel opportunity which includes sightseeing and a candlelight dinner in one of the romantic Islands of Andaman while the families are gifted with the best beach holiday of their lifetime.

Group tour options are also open to the bachelors wanting a trip to the Islands. Accommodation is provided in the prominent resorts and hotels as per the requirements and budget of our customers. Affordable and luxurious needs of the customers on board with us are met by us on prior information. The air tickets to the destination are also booked by our team on demand of our clients. We also do the bookings for the underwater beach activities for the travellers interested in it. A guide from our team accompanies the tourists to all the sightseeing destinations and make sure that nothing is missed out of sight from the locations. We also provide the tourists with an option of customising the tour packages by making a new travel itinerary, including the destinations of their choice. Our team finalises it after checking on to the possibilities of travel.

We make sure that all the safety measures are provided to our customers while their whole journey with us as our prime motive is to provide a secure travel experience for our clients. Complete assurance is guaranteed to the travellers in making their trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a joyous and comfortable journey.

What we believe in?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Holidays. Every traveller is wildly unique, and so are their travel needs. At Blueandaman, we’re all about Doing-it-Yourself and letting you take complete  charge of your Andaman vacation. 

You can kiss goodbye to rigid travel packages that are a drain on your island wanderlust. Craft your Andaman holiday with us and gift yourself the luxury to explore the Andamans at your own pace. 

What We Do?

  1. We are devoted to helping you experience the best of holidays in the Andaman Islands.
  2. We take your inquiries and provide you with multitude of travel plans.
  3. We discuss with you the various exciting tour options available in the Andaman Islands and suggest the ones that will perfectly suit your expectations.
  4. We make travel, accommodation, and sightseeing arrangements in the Andaman Islands as per the booking.
  5. If you want to include adventure activities, we arrange for the required equipment, training, and special guide to accompany you through the adventure.
  6. We make special arrangements for honeymoon couples such as candle-lit dinner, honeymoon suites, island camping etc.
  7. We make special arrangements for kids and family such as a visit to adventure theme parks, trekking, nature walk etc.
  8. We make special arrangements for celebrations such as cake, gifts, party arrangements etc.
  9. We also make special arrangements for other things such as a wheelchair, bigger vehicle or anything else if you inform us earlier.
  10. Once the booking procedures are over, we communicate the entire travel plan with you as well as our travel, hospitality and other partners in the Island so that they will be well-prepared to welcome you.
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