Unrivalled beauty, stunning white-sand beaches and an incredible underwater world should make Mayabunder an obvious choice for a memorable beach holiday. A low-key travel stop, Mayabunder entertains a small fraction of travellers compared to its neighbouring islands and is still growing as a tourist destination. Home to a few idyllic beaches, seasonal nesting ground, and the second-largest harbour after Port Blair, Mayabunder sprawls over an area of 1348 square kilometres. How to Reach Mayabunder Island from Port Blair? Perched in the northern segment of Middle Andamans, Mayabunder island is at an estimate distance of 242 kilometres by road and 136 kilometres by ferry from the capital city, Port Blair.

Adorning gorgeous mangrove creeks, idyllic beaches and isles, Mayabunder is blessed with superlative landscapes. Believe it or not, not a day will come while holidaying in Andamans when you decide that you have had enough with the beach lounging. And for that, places to visit in Mayabunder Island offers the best cure for the blues. The beaches fit the cliché of a sun-soaked paradise, and travellers here can spend days on the beach under the blazing tropical sun, swinging in hammocks, splashing in the sea and sipping a cocktail. Chosen mostly by the tourists looking for truly offbeat experiences, less information about Mayabunder and lesser-known ways of its accessibility has left this land unexplored. Enveloped by mangrove swamps, Mayabunder Island offers an experience close to nature and away from the urban jungle. The lingering scent of coconuts, mangroves impart the experience of a tropical getaway.

Settled in the British colonial period by former Burmese Karen Tribes, immigrants from Myanmar and ex-convicts from Mainland India, Mayabunder has an intriguing cultural eccentricity and linguistic diversity. Mayabunder consists of several villages scarcely populated, and Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu are the languages commonly spoken here. When visiting sightseeing spots in Mayabunder Island, tourists can expect to traverse the nature on their trip to the outskirts of Andamans, far from the bustling life and near to organic life. With least or no connectivity to the telecom services and the internet, it is natural to feel detached to the contemporary world. Still, as soon as the ambience sinks in – all you would want to do is unwind at the beaches, capture the moments and be grateful for having stopped here before moving further.

Gateway to some of the nearby virgin islands like Avis Island, Coco Island and Interview Island, tourist attractions in Mayabunder Island itself entices travellers with quirky boat rides, trekking opportunities and experience of turtle nesting. Amongst the must-visit places in Mayabunder, Karmatang Beach tops the list. Reckoned as an eco-friendly destination and famed as the turtle paradise of Andamans, Karmatang beach is a serene beach offering complete privacy to its visitors. Ideal for picnics, Ray Hills, is an eco-village that offers trekking opportunities, elephant rides, water sports while maintaining its concept of a fun-filled family getaway. Small yet significantly stunning, Avis island beach is another uninhabited place best known for its coconut plantation. While Rampur beach boasts of mangrove plantations and the famous remains of German jetty, Interview island is home to numerous freshwater sources.

Karmatang Beach

Visitor Information
Famous for: Beach, Nature.
Tickets: No entry fee.
Opening Timings: Daily Open.
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours.
Karmatang Beach Andaman is a beautiful, serene beach that is also known as the turtle paradise of the nation. The beach is situated at a distance of 12 kilometers from Mayabunder in the northern section of Middle Andaman. It is considered as one of the most visually attractive places with lavish sand and bordered beach tract. Karmatang Beach is an eco-friendly beach ideal for sit-outs, relaxation and evening outing. The beautiful beach of Karmatang is a near perfect destination for couples who wish to spend some romantic time together. The beach offers full privacy to its tourists. The beach has the brown muddy shade of the sand lending the same colour to the water and the beach is flat and very clean with greenery all around. Its cleanliness and greenery makes it picturesque beach which leads to bbecome a very famous tourist spot. This place gives you an opportunity to take a walk in the nature’s lap and enjoy the cool breeze and have a nice evening or a morning or rather any time of the day.
Things to Do at Morice Dera Beach:
Views from watch tower.
Enjoy Eco Hut

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