Mother Nature was incredibly generous with Rangat island, a fabled paradise with unrivalled beaches, some with volcanic rocks and other with pristine white sand, ideal for turtle nesting during the season. Despite that Rangat island doesn’t seem to be on the primary traveller circuit in Andamans. Unusual beaches are the main attraction, and what beaches! Exquisite strips of sand lapped by emerald waters and backed by lush hills, palm trees and boulders. Second-largest town in Andamans, Rangat sprawls over an area of 1070 square kilometres. How to Reach Rangat Island from Port Blair? Cradled between the North and Middle Andamans, Rangat island is roughly at a distance of 210 kilometres by road and 50 nautical miles by ferry from the capital city, Port Blair.

There is plenty to do in a beach destination, holidays here do not have to be all about sea and sand unless you want them to be. Places to visit in Rangat Island are rarely on the traveller’s list of must-see places, but those who do end up here can be surprised by the attractions it has to offer. The island has a lot more to offer than often expected. It has spell-binding waterfalls! Dense forests! Mangrove sanctuaries! Spice plantations! Though the spots are more or less equidistant from Rangat, after some planning it is quite simple to explore all of them. The town itself has nothing much to offer from a tourist perspective except for the well-stocked market, food stalls and plenty of chai sellers.

Acting as a transit point while travelling to North Andamans from Port Blair, Rangat island deserves much more than that. A remarkable eco-tourism destination in Andamans, sightseeing spots in Rangat Island is nirvana for nature enthusiasts. The things that you can indulge in here does not halt at lazing around in the beaches and absorbing the picturesque panoramas. One can also swim, sunbathe, watch the plethora of mangroves and witness the distinct species of turtles nesting in the Dhaninallah and Curtbert Bay beaches. When talking about the highlights of Rangat island, one can not miss the nature walk along with the diverse Mangrove ecosystem, setting an example of “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”.

People from Kerala and Tamil Nadu make the residency on the island which houses 75 small villages. Even though its population includes people from diverse linguistic groups, the locals primarily speak Bengali or Tamil. Fisheries and cultivation are the commonly practised occupations for locals. Amongst the must-visit tourist attractions in Rangat Island is Aamkunj Beach, excellent for swimming, sunbathing and recreation. Developed with an eco-friendly perspective, installation of eco huts and groves named after native flora, a visit to the beach is true bliss.

Moricedera is another eco-tourism destination in Rangat which has a scenic freshwater stream serving as a natural swimming pool. Then comes Yerrata Mangrove Park and Yerrata Creek dotted with diverse mangroves, that boasts of a 13 m tall mangrove view watchtower to have a 360-degree view of the mangroves and the adjacent forest. Among other attractions, some of the places that always make it to the itinerary are, Cuthbert Bay Beach, Panchavati Hills and Long Island. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Rangat is under-explored and under-estimated. Time to change that!

Morice Dera Beach

Visitor Information
Famous for: Beach, Nature.
Tickets: No entry fee.
Opening Timings: Daily Open 24 hours.
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours.
Morice Dera Beach is located along the ATR at a distance of 12 kms from Rangat towards Mayabunder. Eco-friendly beach furniture’s, sea facing sit out areas and their proximity to sea makes it an ideal location to relax. Morice Dera Beach is an eco-friendly beach and is an ideal location for beach relaxation with sea on one side and lush green forest on the other side. It has unique twin rock formations right on the beach where you can walk along the ridges through a pathway. A fresh water stream located at this side serves as natural swimming pool for the visitors. At Morice Dera Beach a walkway in between Twin Rocks leads to a spectacular horizon view point. A fresh water stream located at this side is not only perennial but also scenic. Specially enchanting is admiring the sunrise with absolutely no crowds around. It serves as a popular picnic and resting place with some sit out areas. The uniqueness of the beach is volcanic rock formation overlooking the sea.

Aamkunj Beach

Visitor Information
Famous for: Rocky Beach, Nature,Watchtower.
Tickets: No entry fee.
Opening Timings: Daily Open 24 hours .
Duration: 1 hour.
Aamkunj Beach is located at a distance of about 8 kms. from Rangat towards Mayabunder. Amkunj Bay beach is a sandy beach which is barely 100 mts. from the main road i.e. ATR. This beach, developed in a unique way with the help of eco-friendly structures, has a couple of eco-huts and groves named after locally found flora (casurina, jamun, pandanus). The eco-friendly beach facilities such as log sofas, log tepoys, indeed novel and innovative ideas, provides a perfect place for recreation to the people of Rangat and the adjoining villages. Aamkunj Beach is known as a popular Turtle Nesting ground. Being one the best eco-tourism detinations in Andamans, this beach is ideal for swimming, sun-bathing and relaxation. One can see a long stretch of grey pebbles bordering the sea. One can enjoy long walks and discover some secluded places further down the beach. Aamkunj Beach has been transformed into an eco park that is now the main recreation area for the locals and visitors. What makes this park unique is the fact that everything is made up of woods and particularly the wood logs that were lying around the beach.

Dhaninallah Mangrove Walkway (Nature Walkway)

Visitor Information
Famous for: Mangroves, Beach, Nature, Creek.
Tickets: No entry fee.
Opening Timings: Oen Daily.
Duration: 1 hour.
Dhaninalah Mangrove Nature Walk is located at a distance of 20 Kms. from Rangat adjacent to ATR. It is a wooden boardwalk meandering through mangrove creek for a distance of 713 meters. This place Dhaninallah is named after a mangrove associate locally called as Dhanipatti. This Walkway leads to a very beautiful long beach called as Dhaninallah beach, which is known for turtle nesting. Dhaninalah boardwalk is completely an eco-friendly structure constructed departmentally using rejected teak logs. This walkway provides an unique opportunity to witness diverse mangrove eco-system found in Andamans in a single place. This long board walk has halt at intervals, for the visitors to sit & enjoy the gift of nature from close quarters. These halts are named after the commonly found birds of this locality for generating awareness on wildlife. An eco-hut at the midway of the boardwalk is named after the most frequented sea turtle of the Dhaninallah Beach i.e. Olive Ridley. This is an ideal location for nature awareness camps. The Dhaninalah walkway leads to a beautiful and long beach known as Dhaninallah Beach.

Yerrata Mangrove Park

Visitor Information
Famous for: Species Mangroves, Nature.
Tickets: No entry fee.
Opening Timings: Open Daily.
Duration: 2 hour.
Yerrata is located at a distance of 8 kms from Rangat along with luxuriant mangrove creeks. Yerrata, which is well connected by road has breath-taking scenic beauty of various species of mangroves and is an ideal location to learn about diverse variety of mangroves. As a step towards creating awareness among general public about mangroves, department of Environment and Forests has established a Mangrove Interpretation Centre which has attractive display panels depicting various species of mangroves found in these islands. A mangrove view watch tower is an unique structure of its kind which provides an opportunity to have a panoramic view of mangroves and adjacent forest. This is the only such tower in whole of Andaman & Nicobar Islands to view mangroves. The height of the watch tower is 13 mtrs. The Department of Environment and Forests has developed a Mangrove beach trail having 300 meters stretch of bench walk passing through the natural mangrove forest which is an important tourist attraction. The bench-walk gives the visitors a fantastic feel of mangroves.

Curtbert Bay Beach

Panchavati Hills And Waterfalls

Visitor Information
Famous for: Waterfalls, Nature, Agriculture, Photography.
Tickets: No entry fee.
Opening Timings: Open 24 hours. Advisable to visit it before sunset
Duration: 2 hours.
Panchvati Hills are without a doubt one of the best examples of nature at its finest form. The waterfalls here are breathtaking and are any photographer’s delight. This area is mainly inhabited by immigrants from South India and an imprint of their culture is very much evident here. Fishing and agriculture forms the main source of income for people living here, as can be evident by the sprawling agricultural lands nearby.

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