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t is not easy to grasp what primarily constitutes Baratang Island. As soon as you fall for its beaches and mangrove creeks, limestone infested caves divert your awe. These caves, marsh woods, beaches, mud volcanoes, and what have you, Baratang is a massive island that has long been a favourite amongst travellers. How to Reach Baratang Island from Port Blair? Nestled between Middle and South Andaman, Baratang is the first gateway up north from Port Blair, the capital city which lies 100 kilometres away. The island sprawls over an area of 243 square kilometres and has everything to set your holiday mood. Despite its popularity as a one-day trip destination, Baratang offers umpteen experiences for travellers.Locally known as Ranchiwalas Island, Baratang Island got the name when a group of people from Ranchi migrated here and settled in. The island, however, is home to the local Jarawa tribes who were the primary inhabitants followed by Ranchi settlers. The major attractions that draw tourists to Baratang continue to be the Limestone Caves and the Mud Volcano. With fascinating opportunities such as sea walk, a boat ride through the mangroves, limestone cave trekking, hiking the mud volcano and more, Baratang is an emerging destination to quench your thirst for adventure.

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