Little Andaman

Little Andaman is a little beautiful unexplored place of Andamans. Famous by the name of its main village and the largest settlement –Hut Bay (rarely known by its other name Kwate-tu-kwage, this island is part of the Little Andaman Group (Little Andaman is the counterpart of Great Andamans).
At a distance of about 120 Kilometers by sea from the capital town of Port Blair, this island has become a tribal reserve from sometime near to 1957. This is considered home to the Onge Tribes, even though there are multilingual settlers of Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and Ranchi communities.

Lying at the southern end of the archipelago, this island is the fourth largest island in Andamans covering an area of about 707 Square kilometers. Hut Bay Jetty is the only harbor for ships or boats coming into this island from the capital town –Port Blair.

Little Andamans is less explored due to the limited mode of connection with the capital town of Port Blair. The distance from the capital town to this rarely touched paradise remains unmeasured for there are no detailed facts that could make the travelers plan a visit to this place. We, being the local hosts and the island experts of Andamans, thought of going out there to the Little corner of our home- and measure out every inch of this paradise for you to get familiar with the place. When you complete reading this article, you’ll be seeing Hutbay through our eyes. We have been there ourselves, to make sure that the travelers within you know how this place can be accumulated in your trip plan.
When we stepped into Little Andamans after quite a few years, we found this place to be still back in time. It hasn’t changed except for a few infrastructural growths; some forest departmental actions and the help of the administration have given a slight upliftment to this place

Whether to plan to visit Little Andaman or not?

This island is a platter full of wonderful sights. So to plan or not plan this place in your itinerary is not just depending upon your interests because who chooses Andaman as their destination is supposed to fascinate the white sands and crystal clear waters. If you are planning to add a visit to Little Andamans, first of all, you have to be flexible with your return date –Keeping in view the schedule of the ferries (we’ll tell you more about the schedules and availability in our “How to reach” section). The second thought you should take is that whether you’ll be able to adjust in eco-huts and a limited menu for your meals? (You’ll get to know more on this part in our “Accommodations” and “Food options” sections of the article).
Are you traveling as a group of youngsters? Are you couples having a flexible holiday or you are a solo traveler on a long peace-finding vacation? If your answer to any of the above questions happens to be yes, then why not consider adding this paradise to your exploring list? Come along with us to get help planning further.

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