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To be in Diglipur is to be floating, snorkelling, diving, swimming and quite frequently, trekking. Do you intend to go somewhere exotic and distinctive? Do you yearn to explore the seas, laze under the shades of palm trees, play around in the sand and have the best time of your life? Then, Diglipur is where you need to be. Adorning North Andamans, Diglipur is the largest town in this province of the Andaman archipelago. How to Reach Diglipur Island from Port Blair? The island sprawls over an area of approximately 900 square kilometres and is a prominent destination for ecotourism lying 298 kilometres via road and 100 nautical miles (180 kilometres) via sea from Port Blair. Whether you want to lay back and get a tan or ride the waves, Diglipur caters to all. Grab your gear and head to this unparalleled tropical paradise.The beauty of Diglipur is bound to paralyse your senses and make you overlook that stunning beaches are just a short ride away. This region located in the northern province of Andamans is a world in itself. You can hike to the highest peak of the Bay of Bengal, traverse a cluster of forty-one limestone caves, go island hopping, witness turtle nesting in all its glory, walk around tiny mud volcanoes or amuse yourself at the sight of twin islands. The experience of places to visit in Diglipur Island is rare, incredible and worth the time and effort required of travellers. Seriously, you have a multitude of options in Diglipur. What you choose will depend a lot on how many days you can spare in this region on your vacation.

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